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Angel investments supporting early stage growth


Minterai is a holding company in Denmark which invests in tech startups. The focus is on very early stage angel investments. Focus is on startups where Intellectual Property (IP) is an important aspect.

Minterai also supports local initiatives in Aalborg, Denmark via sponsorships which can contribute to growth, be that financial or personal.


Currently there are only a few investments

Icebreaker Nordic

ICEBREAKER Nordic is the company behind ICEBREAKER – the world’s first hand-held ice cube maker. Their is mission to revolutionize the ice cube industry.

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Startup Works

Startupworks is a co-working space that strives to offer entrepreneurs an environment, which will foster experience, collaboration, creativity and inspiration.

My focus is on startups where there is a need for a strong IP position where my experience as a patent attorney can be used to good effect.

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